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Solid Products

Precision dosage that is economical, easy to use and deters onsite pilferage.

Solid ProductsDistinctive patented products. The SOLID choice.


We have a wide variety of products, for various applications. Our products come in everything for ready to use spray bottles, half gallon, gallon, 5-gallon buckets, 50-gallon drums, closed loop containers and solid form.

GS 3000 solid machine dishwashing detergents are a totally new, biodegradable and environmentally friendly range of products. They are phosphate free and all water conditioners and other components are readily biodegradable in compliance with EU and DFE standards. GS 3000 is formulated in accord with the very demanding DfE standards for safe use and handling along with the most favorable environmental properties. The GS3000 formulation is extremely safe to use and handle, requiring no hazard labeling. It is metal safe and provides clean dishes and sparkling glasses with total safety when used at normal warewashing concentrations. GS3000 HD and GS3000 HDX are formulated for heavy duty commercial dishwashing applications. These products offer the same favorable environmental biodegradability profile as the GS3000, but contain a powerful alkaline builder system for economical, heavy duty cleaning applications. GS 3000 can be used in any dishwashing machine for all types of china, tableware, and glassware.

ENVIRO GREEN PAN 3000 SOLID POT & PAN is a versatile, high sudsing, solid detergent. ENVIRO GREEN PAN3000 is specially formulated with environmentally friendly and approved raw materials for heavy duty cleaning of hand washing soiled pots and pans. ENVIRO GREEN PAN 3000’s spot free rinsing characteristics also make it an excellent detergent for use on dishes, glasses, silverware, and equipment.

ENVIRO GREEN PAN3000 is packaged in a convenient, easy-to-replace disposable canister. These highly concentrated, long lasting canisters reduce labor and handling at economical use dilutions. ENVIROGREEN PAN3000 holds its suds and cleaning power while soaking dishes clean. ENVIROGREEN PAN 3000 has extreme grease-cutting power, yet is mild on hands. ENVIRO GREEN PAN 3000 is economical, easy to use, and is completely biodegradable.

New “Green” ENVIRO RINSE 3000 is a concentrated solid rinse additive which reduces dense-water surface tension, providing rapid sheeting action for spot free drying. The excellent sheeting action of ENVIRO RINSE 3000 helps eliminate alkaline and hard water film deposits from flatware, glasses and dishware. In addition, ENVIRO RINSE 3000 controls foam thereby improving the performance of the dishmachine pump. ENVIRO RINSE 3000 is formulated to attain excellent results in soft to medium hard water conditions. ENVIRO RINSE 3000 is ideal for use in low energy dishmachines, fixed cost accounts, and accounts where space is at a premium and employee handling and safety are of primary importance.

VANSIH LIQUID ENZYMATIC LAUNDRY PRE-SPOTTER is specially formulated for all commercial and industrial laundry applications. VANISH liquid enzymatic laundry pre-spotter provides superior stain removal, eliminating oil, grease, dirt , make-up , and other tough laundry stains. VANISH contains emulsifiers for oil, grease and other soil stains. VANISH is formulated with unique enzymes and soil penetrating agents to assure the complete removal of greasy stains.

BRITE GLOW is a super concentrated, alkaline, built laundry detergent emulsion containing a combination of non-ionic and anionic soil emulsifying agents, along with water conditioners and fluorescent brighteners. BRITE GLOW is formulated without phosphates and its advanced ingredients provide superior results on all washable fabrics and is safe for synthetic and natural fibers. BRITE GLOW removes stubborn soil and keeps it in suspension, preventing redeposition on fabric. There is no need for the addition of a break to the wash cycle; a three phase system with BRITE GLOW will give outstanding results. BRITE GLOW is biodegradable, rinses quickly and completely, and is effective in all water hardness conditions and temperatures.

VelvaSan is a unique, skin-conditioning, non-alcohol hand sanitizer based on the active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride. The efficacy of VelvaSan has been confirmed to reduce S. aureus- MRSA 99.9% in as little as 15 seconds. VelvaSan has distinct advantages over gelled alcohol based hand sanitizers. Unlike the alcohol hand sanitizers, VelvaSan is not flammable, will not stain clothing and is less drying to the skin. Published studies report that gelled, alcohol based hand sanitizers actually make the skin dirtier, not cleaner, due to the removal of the protective layer of natural skin oils and the subsequent entrapment of dead skin cells by the thickeners used in alcohol based sanitizers. VelvaSan has exceptional skin feel, moisturizing and conditioning properties and does not leave the hands feeling sticky, nor does it contain polymer thickeners or silicones to alter the feel. Hand sanitizers should never be used as a substitute for proper hand washing and hygiene practices.

Product release.

Announcing our new CLS line of products. CLS is an acronym for Closed Loop System, and there are many benefits to the end user.

    The SOLID choice.

    Concentrated, solid formulas of our best products.

    Some benefits:

    • no spillage
    • exact dosage
    • reduced pilfering
    • no waste
    • easy use